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Pandering to the Mediocre

photography / rants

I recently shed my responsibilities of judging a photo of the day award and it got me thinking a lot about my experience learning photography a while back. I used to spend a hell of a lot of time on Flickr, actively discussing photos and moderating groups and there was always a constant battle over what was worthy of being discussed or allowed in certain pools. Photographers that were told their work was not good […]

Chasing the digital dragon


Over Christmas I read a post on Wirehead Arts which got me thinking about digital cameras again. I tend not to give the digital realm of photography much thought as I’m deeply in love with film. And while I’ve looked into the Canon 5DmkII and Leica M8 a bit, ask me about the rest of the Canon line, any of the Nikons or about any compact P&S and I’ll be a total blank. But after […]

No One

photography / videos

Now that Flickr lets you upload videos, I thought I’d try and create some slideshows of our Amsterdam trip. I uploaded the videos to Facebook as well and thought it was awesome that in the “In this video” section it just said “No one”. I think that sums up the photos perfectly.