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Hackintosh phantom wake from sleep

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For some reason since updating Mountain Lion on my hackintosh my computer would mysteriously wake up in the middle of the night. As sleeping and waking had never been 100% I figured that it was just down to a quirk of having a hackintosh. But I did some digging and after some searching and log investigation I found the following entries: [crayon-5f705f84192f9038490987/] Which lead me to believe it was a config issue, and a quick […]

If I was Microsoft

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Microsoft recently started their new ad campaign where seemingly normal people try to buy a new computer. They’re given a budget and if they find one that fills their requirements, they can keep it. The first advert follows Lauren with a budget of $1000. She wants a laptop that’s fast, has a comfortable keyboard and a 17” screen. On her quest for a laptop she visits the Apple store and comes out saying they are […]

Removing Coding Horror on Twitter

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After reading the Jeff Atwood’s arrogant post on IMVU’s brilliant technical success’s, reading this was the final straw in clicking the remove button on his Twitter feed. What does arrogance have to do with making a business decision not to do a netbook? Sometimes things just don’t make business sense. When you brand yourself in a certain way, why would you want to potentially harm that perception with a bad product. It only takes one […]

Safari 4

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It’s been a day with Safari 4 and I’ve yet to find a reason to switch back to Firefox. With it’s new developer tools, my discovery of FoxMarks for Safari and the Delicious Library bookmarklet I’m pretty much where I was with Firefox. The only thing I am currently missing is adblocking. I’m not sure if PitHelmet currently supports Safari 4, but Glimmer Blocker looks really good. It’s interesting that it works on the network […]


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Normally when I come across something “beautiful” on the interwebs, I’d bookmark it in Delicious. The only problem is doing so isn’t entirely practical when looking for ideas or inspiration. Opening each site in a new tab and then browsing through them. No thanks. An alternative is to take screenshots of everything, but it’s just hassle keeping them organised and available somewhere. Problems be gone! LittleSnapper handles all your snapshots and makes it extremely easy […]

Steve Ballmer on the Mac

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I’m very sensitive to exactly what mouse I have on my laptop. Can you find a range of choices? [for the Mac] Of course you can’t find a range of choices. You know, anyway — can you find the applications you want on the Mac? Well, you don’t really get full Microsoft Office. – Steve Ballmer Seriously, come on. Next he’ll be telling us how you can’t even right click on a Mac. It’s tiring […]

Mac Spore Startup Freeze

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If Spore freezes on the splash screen when you start it up, with one running process and one non-responding one, then all you have to do is*: Browse to the SPORE application in Finder Right-click the spore application and select “Show Package Contents” In the new finder window browser into the the MacOS directory and move the “cider_noui” file away to another location, like your desktop. Launch Spore again and keep your fingers crossed. I […]

Apple employees unite!

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Although when you do compare employee head counts between Microsoft (91,000) and Apple (21,000), it’s essential to note that at least half of Apple’s employees work in its retail stores. Daring Fireball How does Apple seemingly achieve so much more then Microsoft with only a ninth of the workforce? That Reality Distortion Field must be one strong mo’fo. UPDATE: I just read that Nokia has over 114000 employees. Which makes the market shattering iPhone even […]

A month with the mac

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It’s been pretty much exactly one month since I got the iMac and still when I sit at work I day dream of getting home using it. Since then, Apple fanboy level has reached factor 11 for sure. The main factor for switching when I did was the release of the 3.06Ghz iMac. I really didn’t want to “downgrade” from my PC to a slower machine. So with the release of the latest iMac there […]