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Design Thinking


“Design thinking tends to start with the solution, rather than the problem. A lot of problem based-thinking focuses on finding the one correct solution to a problem, whereas design thinking tends to offer a variety of solutions around a common theme. It’s a different mindset.

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy


“In the end, you’re judged (by yourself and by others) on what you do. Not what you think about doing. Not what you plan to do. Just what you do.” – You Are Your Own Worst Enemy This post really struck a nerve.

What Are the Odds of Becoming a Black Belt?

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Great posting over on Steve Pavlina’s blog about having to be committed to your cause if you want to succeed. In many fields you only see a 1% success ratio because the other 99% are merely taking up space. They’re just dabblers, not serious contenders. You’ll often see this 1% figure in fields with a low barrier to entry such as blogging, acting, or music. You’ll find a small percentage of people who are really […]