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Who designs car parks?


Riddled with tight gaps and high kerbs they are the often the most anti-car friendly places on earth. I am convinced that the people who design car parks must be sadists. I have yet to see a car park wall that isn’t covered in different colour streaks from all the mis-judged turns. Why not have sloped kerbs so that you don’t scuff your wheels or bodywork if you misjudge the spacing? Why not give a little bit […]

Hard Deadlines

annoyances / programming

On almost every single project I’ve worked on, hard deadlines have nearly always been the cause of any stress or frustration that arises. One day you’re asked to make rough estimates and then next thing you know they become pegged to a date in the future that you must meet at all cost (But you said you think it would only take X days!). Even worse is when someone non-technical makes the estimates for you […]

The Internet is a Shit Hole

annoyances / internet

Recently I’ve been teaching a person older than me (60+) how to use a computer for the first time as well as how to get to grips with using the internet and email. While it’s been a test of all my patience, one thing is for sure, that trying to show someone how to search for something is a nightmare because every result is filled with ads and filler, and more than half the time […]

‘FBML’ [undefined] is not an object

annoyances / programming

First let me state how much I dislike developing for the Facebook platform. It’s just one constant headache. Things are always changing and breaking things. Anyways, I’ve been banging my head against the wall all day trying to get some FBJS running on a canvas application that’s embedded on a Fan Page tab. No matter what I did, I kept getting the error: [crayon-5f97752b3388e372744271/] Even using Facebook’s own FBJS examples left my tab in a […]

Skype on OSX

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There’s just something about the way Skype looks on OSX that really bugs me. I can’t tell what it is, but the UI just feels really intrusive. Then again, it’s probably not supposed to be kept visible like I do with my contact list in Adium, which has a brilliant transparent and borderless option.

Customer Service

annoyances / business

I suffered some pretty poor service when I returned to JEM Ltd to have the faulty valve fixed. I won’t go into details but here are what I think are ways of offering good customer service: Apologise Whether or not a customer’s complaint is valid and even not your fault. Just say sorry and try to understand where the customer is coming from. At rather then just being told “We’re really sorry, we’ll do our […]

If I was Microsoft

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Microsoft recently started their new ad campaign where seemingly normal people try to buy a new computer. They’re given a budget and if they find one that fills their requirements, they can keep it. The first advert follows Lauren with a budget of $1000. She wants a laptop that’s fast, has a comfortable keyboard and a 17” screen. On her quest for a laptop she visits the Apple store and comes out saying they are […]

Removing Coding Horror on Twitter

annoyances / mac

After reading the Jeff Atwood’s arrogant post on IMVU’s brilliant technical success’s, reading this was the final straw in clicking the remove button on his Twitter feed. What does arrogance have to do with making a business decision not to do a netbook? Sometimes things just don’t make business sense. When you brand yourself in a certain way, why would you want to potentially harm that perception with a bad product. It only takes one […]

Java Security Stupidity

annoyances / computing

No matter how many times you click cancel, this dialog won’t go away. You’re left with no choice but to click run. Can someone explain the point? If I click cancel, don’t run the embeded Java application, simple, don’t spawn the dialog endlessly.

Investing in Your Own IT – The Ultimate No Brainer Pt. 2

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This is a follow up to my previous post about investing in your own IT. The more I think about the more I keep coming back to the thought that it’s not about investing in IT, it’s really about investing in your people. After all, without your people you’re nothing. Yes, without your people you are nothing. Zilch, nada, zero, nil, null. You’re not spending money on new computers so that tasks are done faster […]

“It works 60% of the time, all the time!”

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You can’t get a little bit pregnant. – Lou Mannheim There’s a story about a manager that said his team was doing scrum/xp. When pressed as to the details of what that meant, the manager replied that they were doing ‘no documentation’. Scrum is the in project management methodology of the moment. Quality? Scrum! Clear deliverables? Scrum! Happy developers? Scrum! Pole dancing midgets covered in maple syrup? Scru… Hey wait a minute! So yes, Scrum […]

Steve Ballmer on the Mac

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I’m very sensitive to exactly what mouse I have on my laptop. Can you find a range of choices? [for the Mac] Of course you can’t find a range of choices. You know, anyway — can you find the applications you want on the Mac? Well, you don’t really get full Microsoft Office. – Steve Ballmer Seriously, come on. Next he’ll be telling us how you can’t even right click on a Mac. It’s tiring […]

Investing in Your Own IT – The Ultimate No Brainer

annoyances / computing / work

I’ve been cursing my work computer all morning and am once again considering either bringing in my computer from home or just buying one outright (It wouldn’t be a first. I paid for my own monitor here at work. Go figure). Kris Kemper wrote a good post on the subject a few days ago. I’ve seen this on every project I’ve been on. We are given slow machines, and time is lost. It may be […]

No Thanks

annoyances / life

A deal that would cost each American taxpayer $5,300 to rescue the banking system and save the world economy from catastrophe was agreed in outline tonight. Reading that the US Goverment has coughed up $700m to bail out the banks is one thing, reading it in the context of how it’s going to affect all 240m odd adult Americans is mind blowing.

Mac Spore Startup Freeze

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If Spore freezes on the splash screen when you start it up, with one running process and one non-responding one, then all you have to do is*: Browse to the SPORE application in Finder Right-click the spore application and select “Show Package Contents” In the new finder window browser into the the MacOS directory and move the “cider_noui” file away to another location, like your desktop. Launch Spore again and keep your fingers crossed. I […]