The Internet is a Shit Hole

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Recently I’ve been teaching a person older than me (60+) how to use a computer for the first time as well as how to get to grips with using the internet and email. While it’s been a test of all my patience, one thing is for sure, that trying to show someone how to search for something is a nightmare because every result is filled with ads and filler, and more than half the time the actual content doesn’t start until way below the fold. Just imagine how crazy that is for someone who is still struggling to use the scrollbar!

After so many years of using the internet, you learn to just filter out all the noise and just quickly scann each page to see if it’s relevant or not, but sitting with someone new to all of this is staggering. They just don’t know what they’re looking at or where to even go for what they really want. Search results are down the pan and content providers are just optimising for revenue. Content sites are 90% filler and nothing but subtle attempts to direct you to other pages.

The internet is just a ghetto full of shit.


  1. yes, a shit hole. and tomorrow facebook will be 90% of the internet! congrats people. be proud of yourselves for proliferating this new kind of shit hole. not long until its all replaced with corpgov servers for the sake of ‘tidying up a dangerous and obsolete internet-1’. and if you think im kidding, do your homework and get a clue people.

  2. petet says

    Very true, even for people under 60 ( normal user ) as i see they clic in everything just trying to get info. All ads and new pages opening full of crap.. google is mostly responsabile for this, try to find cheap flights boston and you might find some good info at 6 page or so.. all major comanies and seo freaks took first pages. Im a web dev and even so have to scan at cartain page to see some content, search engines just give you crap, mostly, or point to top sites. Web was not plan to be like this when it was created.

  3. Dan Brown says

    I would suggest installing Firefox with the Ad Block Plus ad on.

    The internet can be bewildering to an older person just starting out, taking out most of the ads will make it less confusing…And stop them from clicking on all the useless promos.

  4. Frank says

    The internet is good for some things and bad for other things. The internet in some ways has really gone downhill and has commercialized the network.

  5. Frank says

    Do you think that the internet could be more user friendly to the elderly? Could some system be developed that everybody could understand ? What happens when you get old and cannot understand what is happening with using the new technology? You just go ahead and die? Or do without?

    • Hates says

      I think the internet could be more friendly for everyone! I’ve seen people, both young and old, struggle and become easily confused by what’s presented to them.

      Everything is moving at such an fast rate that even I struggle to keep up at times. More should definitely be done to make sure that no one gets left behind.

  6. Frank says

    Thanks for the comment. I never thought that someone would actually read what I had written.

  7. Benjamin Brubaker says

    The internet is good for a very few things ( that you have to wade through muck to get at ) and bad at a whooole bunch more. It’s like a never ending, kaleidoscopic pastiche of infomercialia. Yeah, why not, I’m online…being ‘clever.’

  8. 1) Install Google Chrome on your friend’s computer.
    2) Install Ad Block plus as an extension
    3) Install https everywhere as an extension
    4) Show your friend how to ask google a question with chrome, i.e. “what time is it”
    5) Show your friend how to go to a web page in the same exact spot where they asked their question.
    6) Create your friend a gmail account with a simple password – most people can remember their phone number…

    It can’t get much easier than that

  9. Buttyrcup says

    I agree. Used to be you could actually find an article and read it without having to close all the junk mail and you weren’t distracted by all the crap like, “pictures of dead celebrities.” The internet has become like the tabloid rack at the check out counter at the supermarket. And as someone who holds an undergraduate degree in journalism and a grad degree in communications, I really resent it that any imbecile with a keyboard can post a blog full of unsubstantiated and misinterpreted b*&lls^%t and call it journalism–not to mention the gullible idiots who actually believe them and make decisions based on their nonsense.

  10. Yep – where there are people, there is banal, mediocre, puerile and offensive shit. The Internet is just symptomatic of the current trend for morons to buy tools they have no use for (computers, laptops, tablets, “smart” phones, 4k TVs, any ‘gadget’, expensive cars, etc.). You may look at my partial list and think “tools? these are not tools they are things you have”, wrong. They were designed to do useful and beneficial things. Now they are just used to wring money out of you and fill your time to stop you realising how shit and pointless your shitty little life really is.
    Feed the machine, without it you would be a dribbling fucktard anyways.
    I love to trawl the Internet and comment on two year old posts, well I do at 02:00 when the caffeine is wearing off and I start to question reality.
    The moral – fuck everything, it is all shit, everything, everyone, everywhere. Just shut the fuck up and keep using and consuming, the world is nearly fucked beyond all hope, just a little longer.
    MORONS. (I include myself in that statement by the way, I just know what I am).

  11. Steve Bell says

    It’s a shit hole. I seriously would work very hard to keep elder people away from it. It’s bad enough how it affects young people, leave the older generation alone, they have done nothing to deserve exposure to this hyper-marketing, brainwashing shit hole.

    I’ve started to reject this sinkhole and have begun reading books. Fuck the internet, it’s trolls, it’s paedo’s. and its spies. There is more knowledge (and less vitriol) in one chapter of a book than there is in an entire trunk of this shit hole.

  12. Dave Bones says

    What do you want for free, the truth is, most of the content can’t even be supported by the revenue generated by the ads, things are going to get worse, a lot of content will just disappear. Yup, knowing how to “research” is a skill that many don’t learn unless they go to college, the barrage of data thrown at you by a search engine is overwhelming to most that’s for sure.
    Harder and harder to get by on just a basic search, have to use advanced search with filters to get anything useful but that’s what database mining is about anyway so……..
    The basic intelligence level of people just doesn’t cut it, most people believe they need an “app” on their phone to get at content they could just find through the browser LOL!

  13. The internet is shit. Thats why I got to this article… I wondered if anyone thinks the same way as I do.

  14. david almanza says

    A massive distraction is the w.w.w. using any obscene material money can procure. All the while “buying and destroying the entire planet” with deluded corporate entities believing they can ‘own’ the Earth and Sky.

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