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Recently I switched from Evernote to Notational Velocity. I was so sick of the Evernote iPhone app and saw that Notational Velocity synced with Simplenote. Since trying them both out I haven’t looked back. Now, Notational Velocity supports tagging but Simplenote doesn’t, and as I like to search by tag, this was a bit of a problem. So taking the Twitter approach, I simply hashtag my notes, which makes them incredibly easy to find in both Notational Velocity and Simplenote. I don’t put the hashtag in the name of the note but just as the first line. I found that putting the tag in the name looked a bit untidy in SimpleNote. A nice side effect is that in Simplenote, the tags appear as the preview line. Problem solved. #notationalvelocity #simplenote


  1. I do the exact same thing, but I use @ as a tag, and for one reason only: On my Norwegian keyboard it is quickly reachable with my right pinky. Makes tagging soo quick.

    Have you played with the native tagging function of NV at all? Wondering if it saves them as spotlight comments, openmeta or if they are purely internal to NV.

  2. actually i’ve been trying to find an answer for those last questions from Ben without success… any ideas on that? are the tags in NV integrated in spotlight, standard openmeta compliance?

  3. Sadly I have no idea in regards to the native NV tags. I just skipped them as SimpleNote doesn’t seem to pick them up, unless I’ve missed a trick.

  4. Tags are not accessible via Spotlight, that’s for sure, I just made an experiment.
    Cannot find them in the Cache.db & prefs either. I don’t feel like digging through the app package itself, it’s almost 4 A.M. but tags gotta be there.

  5. Been playing with NV tags, and it works pretty well. Uses OpenMeta, so I was able to convert my “embedded tags” solution to NVs without much of a hitch.

    Too bad it currently still doesn’t sync with SimpleNote tags.

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