Vlad 2.0 Not Finding Tasks in deploy.rb

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When I restalled all my gems on Snow Leopard, vlad refused to find any of the tasks I had defined in my deploy.rb. I thought this was a SL issue but turned out a week before it’s release Vlad had been updated to version 2 which used a new plugin system. Looking for vlad rake tasks returned an error:

To solve the problem just required an install of the new vlad-git gem.

Now all my tasks were appearing properly. Vlad 2 always brought around a few changes in it’s deploy.rb and use. Here is my deploy.rb for reference:

Now invoking Vlad for my staging environment works as such:

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  1. When migrating from vlad 1.4 to 2.0 I got a similar problem but a different message than you:

    $ rake vlad:deploy
    rake aborted!
    Don’t know how to build task ‘vlad:deploy’

    To make it work, I had to uninstall the 1.4 gem, change the Vlad.load :app => nil, :scm => :git to Vlad.load :scm => :git

    Since Passenger is default in 2.0 and I removed the :app => nil above, I got to remove the redefining task
    remote_task :start_app, :roles => :app do
    run “touch #{current_release}/tmp/restart.txt”

    since passenger is restarted automatically making the deploy file a bit cleaner :) Thanks for letting me onto the solution!

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