Slicehost Migration

The migration over to Slicehost is now complete and I’m extremely happy so far. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but the feeling of impending doom I got when presented with a fresh install of Gentoo was quickly overcome. Apache + PHP + MySQL took virtual no time to install (once you discount the time it took to compile them up) and the installation of WordPress along with importing my old posts worked pretty much like a charm. Installing and migrating over my Gallery2 install proved a bit tricky but nothing that some time didn’t set right. One thing I’m not prepared to do is setup Email so I’ve entrusted that to MailTrust which is working well. I’m finding things like no FTP server or even VIM amusing after coming from Dreamhost where all of this stuff is there already for you, but the sense of freedom and also ‘leaness’ of the server more than makes up for all that.

  1. Hi, from time to time I find myself looking at the slicehost Plans table, and I always wonder which would fit me best. Can I ask you what plan did you take? Are you just hosting this blog? Or using it for some heavy web application.

    BTW, just found your blog today googling rake spec:db:fixtures:load and loved it! Also fixed my problem with loading the rspec fixtures.

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