Guideline for iPhone UI design

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Figure out the absolute least you need to do to implement the idea, do just that, and then polish the hell out of the experience.

Not only does John Gruber nail it when it comes to the essence of what being ‘iPhone like’ is about, he echoes the essence of what good piece of software is about. At it’s furthest abstraction, in my opinion, the above is really a mantra for reaching the pinnacle of one’s own life.

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  1. Fathers 4 Justin says

    Trouble is, “the absolute least” probably misses out something really important. The iPhone apps are great at this. There’s a great train times app, and it gives you arrivals and departures from your station, but if you want a station that’s mid-route, rather than the final destination of the train, you have to look through each train individually to check if it’s yours. Similarly irritating, the song title in its iPod doesn’t scroll: no good if you’re listening to piano pieces where often only the end number in the title changes.

    Or perhaps these are “the experience” that needs to be polished. Or are they beyond “the absolute least”? Another great piece of guru rhetoric that can’t be applied, perhaps?

    Find out the absolute least you need to get a bishop, and then polish the hell out of it.

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