Vista and the new Beast.

After three years of good hard use my computer finally started to die. What first started as random crashes, soon became BIOS checksum errors and then finally memory and disk access errors. So I ordered some new parts consisting of a dual core 3ghz, 8800gts 640mb, 4gb of 8500+ ram, and to top it off Vista Ultimate 32. Assembly went well, getting Vista up and running didn’t. To cut a long story short:

1st Install: Crushing realisation that Vista32 only supports up to around 3gigs of ram and then finding that the Windows update stops Vista from booting when restarted. Let’s try again.

2nd Install: Installs fine and then previously working network drivers crash the machine when added. After some digging around on the net, it turns out the windows update I did previously corrupts the firmware if you let it update the LAN driver. Fix is to leave it unplugged for 10 minutes. Computer boots now. Let’s try again for good luck.

3rd Install: So each time up until now I have been deleting my primary partition and reinstalling to it. Each time this has been the first partition in the list of available drives. Only this time its not. I blindly delete the wrong partition containing all my work! Nooooooo. Partition Table Doctor manages to re-write the partition table. Crisis adverted. Install goes okay and LAN drivers now work. A friend then informs me he has a Vista64 disc if I wish to use it so I nip round and pick it up.

4th Install: Now rocking Vista64 which can address all the available memory and lovin’ Aero.

It was a long 24 hours getting that machine running but boy does it fly. Oh btw, Vista rocks ;)