28 Weeks Later

Recently I’ve been pretty harsh when giving my opinion on “British” films, but after Sunshine and now 28 Weeks Later, my faith has done a complete 180. All I can say is, what a film. I expected a lot but I got a whole lot more. I don’t think I’ve felt more physically and emotionally drained after a film. It’s one of the few times where I would say a sequel surpassed its predecessor. The fast film rate really made all the action stand out and they did a really great job of making London look like it had really been deserted. Even now, two days later, I have mental flashes of zombies running around like mad. One can only hope that 28 Months Later (If they give it the green light) will be just as good…

  • tom

    that film scared the bajesus out of me!

  • People in Britain can make great films. The whole funding structure is set up for mediocrity though.