I’ve always been a boxer man and never really paid much thought to my underwear. In all honestly I’ve never even bought my own and have relied upon a constant stream from my mother as Christmas presents. But no more! I took the plunge and bought a few pair of Aussiebum hipsters. With the tag line “If you doubt yourself, wear something else” I was a bit apprehensious, but sitting here with a pair on (obviously under clothes) I am already considering ordering more! They are just so damn comfy and the price is pretty reasonable with each pair being around £8-£9. Plus they only took four days to arrive all the way from Australia. I doubt I could have got away with wearing them a year ago, but it’s all good now ;)

  • tom

    i’ve been wearing aussiebum for years – get with the program!! :)

    (1) you can buy them in the uk, you know.
    (2) do you find them a bit small?

  • Getting good pants is the bane of my life! I fight a constant battle with slightly poor pants! I will try some of these, although if Tom thinks they’re a bit small, I might have problems, because like the Aussie bum, I’m also big down under!