Weight loss is a steep mountain

You don’t consciously set out to put on weight so it sort of creeps up on you. You don’t put effort into getting fat. You just wake up one morning, look in the mirror and go “Geeze, what the hell happened?”.

Getting fat is easy and comforting. You can relax and eat all the glorious tasting things. Losing fat is a constant battle. You’ve got to kill yourself in the gym and resist the temptation of eating too much. Doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing and not possible though!

Your body is your home

“It blows me away every time I walk into a nice home and meet its proud, overweight, out-of-shape owner. They just don’t get it. Your real home is not your apartment or your house or your city or even your country, but your body. It is the only thing you, your soul and your mind, will always live inside of so long as you walk the earth. It is the single most important physical thing in this world you can take care of.” Mark Lauren

Member of the Month

For whatever reason I’ve been made my gym’s “Member of the Month”. I had to write a short paragraph which I include below.

Last year I dedicated myself to strength training and managed to smash all my previous personal bests on all my lifts. Now this year I switched my focus towards Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the aim of losing weight and improving my conditioning ahead of this year’s competitions. Looking back on all the years I’ve spent in the gym, I wasted so much time not pushing myself as far as I was truly capable of, and only recently have I found the ability to really dig deep and to be relentless in my training. This year has been as much a mental progression as it has a physical one.

A lot of this wouldn’t have been possible without the great support and encouragement of all the staff in the gym. With such a great fitness team around, I’m never short of ideas for my own workouts. It’s a real inspiration to see how hard both they and their clients work, as well as motivating me to also do the same.

Getting out of bed hack: Eat an apple

I just can’t get out of bed in the morning. I hate it. I’ve tried having two alarms, tried putting my alarm on the other side of the room (I just end up getting back into bed) and setting my alarm an hour early and constantly hitting the snooze button until the last moment, but nothing has ever worked. Recently though I’ve found a simple way of getting myself into a state where jumping out of bed is easy: I eat an apple while in bed.

I had been feeling a bit sluggish in my morning workouts so wanted to increase my pre-workout carbs, but as I live close to the gym I wanted to ingest them as early as possible so as to not upset my stomach too much while exercising. I decided that an apple first thing suited the bill perfectly in terms of carbs and placed one on my alarm clock that evening so that I could just pick it up at the same time as turning off the alarm. Eating one in the darkness and while lying down was strange at first, but I found that afterwards getting out of bed was incredibly easy. And it’s been that way ever since. I’ve been doing this now for a few weeks and it has made such a difference compared to days where I don’t have to get up particularly early.

I think I may have found a new habit for life.

Intensity I never knew I had

My gym started a new dry triathlon challenge and I thought I’d give it a go. I swear I have never dug so deep in my entire life. I’ve always read about people wanting to throw up and I’ve never felt like that until after completing my round. I’ve never felt so dead or exhausted.

It’s been a real eye opener though. I had always thought I gave it 100% when I went to the gym and now I can kind of see why I never really get anywhere with my training. There’s no real point to this point, other then to just say, no matter how hard you think you’re going, you can always go harder. I just hope I never forget the experience.

Arthur Boorman

An Army veteran who was hurt in the first Gulf War, Arthur suffered for 15 years with the effects of a botched surgery that left him unable to walk without the assistance of leg braces and canes. By February 2007, he had ballooned to 297 pounds and, by his own admission, was waiting to die. In looking for a yoga program to alleviate some of his constant pain, Arthur found the YRG workout created by Diamond Dallas Page. He gained inspiration and strength from DDP and other members of Team YRG to propel him toward his goal — “I Will Walk Again!” — and, ultimately, to blow past it. Arthur vividly demonstrates that life is not about how many times you fall down — it’s about how many times you get up.

This guy is a legend and a true inspiration.

The road to recovery…

In August 2007 Jamie Gillentine dove head first into the ocean. But he didn’t know it was a sand bar. Jamie Gillentine shattered his 6th cervical vertebrae. Spinal fragments were lodged in his spinal cord.Jamie Gillentine lost all feeling and movement from his upper-chest down to his legs. He had some arm movement but no hand dexterity. Here’s a video of his recovery which took several months.

Sickness, tiredness, laziness, etc. All your excuses fade away compared to what happened to Jamie Gillentine.

What would you do if something like this happened to you? Would you flight or would you fight? Would you weep or would you get mad? Would you give up all hope or would you persist until you’re your old you again?

[Via: Stronglifts.com]

On-One Pompino

As I’m now trying to lose weight so needed to up my cardio. Rather then adding running to my daily routine, I just opted for cycling to and from work. I’ve always wanted an single-speed On-One Pompino and was stoked that I found one going for a great price down in Winchester. The only down fall being it needed a rear-wheel build and was a fixed-gear without a free-wheel sproket. So there’s no rear brake. If you want to stop, you stop with your legs. Going down hill? You can’t stop pedaling. I’ve nearly been launched off it a couple of times when I forgot this simple fact.

The bike is super light compared to my Rockhopper. It’s got a great feel to it and the geometry feels perfect for me. And it’s a super good workout. You’ve got to really pump your legs just going along and when your on an incline you can’t go down a gear. It’s my first time back in the saddle for quite a while so my butt is aching a bit, not to mention my body is fucking broken from BJJ last night.