Paintball fucking hurts. Especially when you get shot in the fucking neck and then when you put your chin down to protect it, you end up getting shot right on the top of your fucking head. I’m covered in bumps and bruises. Still, nothing better then flying through the fucking air into a trench and then hitting someone in the fucking face from ten fucking metres away. I’m off to fucking bed. (This post was brought to you by the nice people at FUCK)

Woop woop it’s da sound of da Police…

I just can’t believe the absolute unbelievable stupidity I experienced this morning trying to sort out my producer. The background is I keep showing up as having no insurance, so I got a producer last Thursday. “Simple” I thought, I’ll just pitch up early this week and get it sorted. Should be a simple in and out job. How wrong I was…

So it’s 7:30 am….

First Police Officer: Checks the MOT certificate and says “Ok, insurance looks fine” I thought it’s best I just shut up and let him do his job. Sadly he can’t find “The Book” so has to call someone else down.

Second Police Officer: Spots that the first guy had only checked the MOT and takes a look at the certificate and says “This is not a valid certificate as the paper isn’t thick enough”. What fucking difference does the thickness of the paper make?!? “Real certificates come on thick paper with like a stamp on it, this is just a print out”. I bit my tongue as I don’t want to get into an argument as it’s not worth the hassle. So using the little brain power available to them, the bright spark decides to call up the insurance company to check my policy, but with it now being 8am, they are of course shut. “Sorry sir, you will have to come back in an hour when they open so we can call and confirm your details.”. Fair enough, time to go to the gym and return later on.

Now it’s 9:30am…

Third (Stern Looking) Police Woman: “Sorry sir, we can’t accept your certificate as the issue date only shows the issue time and not the issue date”. “Shit” I thought as I hadn’t noticed this at all. “Well let’s just call them up and confirm the issue date and that I have valid insurance”. “Sorry sir, we have to see a certificate”. Well fuck me, I’ll just go home and print another one off then I thought. I just don’t understand, is the point of the producer to prove I have insurance or I just have a piece of paper. What absolute bollocks. So I mention the fact my 7 days is up tomorrow and that I’ll be lucky to get a replacement in time by then. “You will have to go to court then”. Ugh, I turn around and leave.

But what a complete waste of everyone’s time and money when a simple minute or two on the phone could sort it all out. Arse…

Prague… I mean Praha…

For our anniversary I took Emma away to Prague for the weekend. We flew out on Saturday morning and flew back in on Sunday evening, so it was a very quick weekend indeed. Prague was absolutely beautiful, made even more so by the stunning weather. I’ve never walked as much as we did on our first day there. We basically walked around nearly the whole city twice, not to mention walking all the way up to the castle towards the end of the day when we were already half dead. Prague itself is a really nice city with a lot of old charm. I didn’t rub the statue on Charles Bridge which legend says if you rub you’ll be destined to return, but even so, I can certainly see myself returning one day in the future.

A1GP at Brands Hatch

It was Sanj’s birthday last week so to celebrate a whole load of us went to watch the A1GP at Brands Hatch. I’ve never seen a proper motorsport event before and tbh I doubt I could have chosen a better day to change that fact. The great thing was it wasn’t just the A1GP cars racing on the day, they had the Britcars out for a proper race, Formula 3000, Formula Palmer, Ginettas, Heritage Cars and a couple more.

The A1GP cars sounded absolutely amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it in my life. The pops and crackles on the over run and the enormous roar as they pass by at full throttle. We managed to walk around nearly 3/4ths of the track so we got to experience the race from different view points which was a great plus. I especially enjoyed watching the Britcars race. They had a couple of Ferrari’s, an Exige, an RX7, some other marques and loads of Porsches running. There was an old Porsche 939 that managed to come first after starting in 17th!

You can see all my photos here: A1GP Gallery Link


For Emma’s birthday I got her tickets to go and see Wicked playing at the Apollo Theater in Victoria. We had pretty good stall seats, pretty much in the middle and I had an aisle seat so I could at stretch a leg out at least.

The story is a prelude to the classic Wizard of Oz and tells the story of university room mates Elphaba Thropp, the future “wicked witch”, and Galinda Upland, the future “good witch”. Even though they are complete opposites as they become best friends with each other the story shows how they each have a positive effect on one another.

Everything about the production was top notch. The set design was amazing, the costumes were beautiful and the music was excellent. I loved some of the songs (I’m listening to them right now infact!). I highly recommend it. Be warned though, it will change your view of the Wizard of Oz forever!

It’s a new year…

Happy new year people! Yes, it’s a bit late I know.

Apparently a couple of years ago on his first round of golf ever, Kim shot 11 holes-in-one. Truly a man to aspire to be.


I just watched some of the footage of Saddam’s execution and just can’t believe the amount of composure he had as they put the noose around his neck. No begging for forgiveness, no pleading for mercy, just the acceptance of his fate.


Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all had a great few days. I went over to Emma’s for dinner which was absolutly delicious. I still don’t seem to have shook off my sickness. I’ve got such a bad cough at the moment. I got the ultimate present from Emma though. A one hour flying lesson in a “modern” two seater plane. I can’t wait although I suspect I won’t book the actual day until the weather picks up towards the summer.

Obviously I won’t be flying through the mountains like in the photo though!