From West to East

More and more people in the Philippines are trying to live like people in the West. I was surprised to see a lot of people taking up hobbies such as jogging and cycling as well as something I had never seen there before, people walking their dogs. The main things I was aware of though was the shift towards a more Western diet.

Ever since I was young my height meant I stuck out when we would go home to the Philippines, but while there last year (2014) many of the younger generation were very close to my own height. Surprisingly a lot were very fat, if not obese too. There have always been fat people in the Philippines, but it is definitely one step up the scale now. In all the times I have been there previously I don’t think I have ever seen an obese Filipino, but this time I saw quite a few. I can only guess this is down to shifting diet habits.

People are eating a lot more processed foods there now as opposed to home cooked meals. Whether that is the real reason or not for these changes, I cannot say.  Whatever it is though, is not for the good. It makes me think of the great phrase “Overfed and under-nourished”. Already the ailments such as obesity are apparent, and only time will tell if more western health problems arise as well.