Half in the Bag: Jack and Jill

RedLetterMedia review Jack and Jill

How anyone can think that Adam Sandler isn’t a fraud after his latest film “Jack and Jill” is beyond me. RedLetterMedia do an excellent job of talking about the poor storyline but also about the production back story of it’s funding and product placement. I haven’t seen the film myself and have no intention of ever doing so, but how it’s staggering to learn that it’s budget was $80m, which is nearly half of what James Cameron’s Titanic had. Fair dues to the guy, he get’s at least $25m a film, but I can only assume he has no shame or self respect. Personally I couldn’t live with myself while making that much money by basically swindling my own fans. If you want to get to the real meat of the Adam Sandler “scam” skip the first video and watch the second part.