On-one Pompino mods

After being out of commission for a few weeks, it’s good to be back on the fixed gear. It’s just a shame On Your Bike tried to screw me over in the process.

I had snapped my chain which in turn bent most of the spokes on my rear wheel. So I dropped off the rim to be fixed and a couple of days later received a called saying I should get all the spokes replaced. I okayed the work and said I would pick up in a weeks time on Monday. Monday rolls around and I get a phone call from them just before lunch saying my wheel is not ready and that I suddenly need a new rim. This seriously hacked me off, simply because I spent ages wondering if I should have used the opportunity to get a new Velocity rim at the same time, but I thought it silly to buy a new rim when all I needed were some new spokes and thus just took it in for replacement spokes. If I’m suddenly going to need a new rim, I’m getting a Velocity. I told them to not replace the rim and that I’ll take the wheel back. Then the cheeky sods tell me I have to pay £15 for deciding not to go ahead with the work! I argued that the work I had agreed on was for them to change all the spokes and for it to be ready on that day. After much toing and throwing, the manager came along and said that I don’t need to pay. Thank Christ. So I took my, now in bits, wheel up to Brick Lane Bikes and got fantastic service. The deep v-rim is rocking. Just a shame they didn’t have any of the non-machined ones in stock. In addition I put some Crank Brother Egg-Beater Cs on and a KMC SP chain. Sexy.