Switching to Mac

After months and months and months of talking about Macs and OSX, I finally switched. Up until now I’ve held back as the thought of moving to a slower machine never sat right, but now with 3ghz iMacs with 8800gs cards, there is no excuse not to switch. It’s been a week now and I am totally convinced that OSX is far far far far superior to Vista. Using OSX is an experience. It’s like a breath of fresh air in comparison to Vista. The OS feels more polished and applications feel like a lot more care has gone into producing them. One of the features I was looking forward to using was Spaces, but with dual 24″ monitors there is really no need. I have Vista running as a VM incase I need any apps but I haven’t needed it once so far.

  • tom

    geek!!! ;)

  • duncan


  • Richard Hart

    Slave to the mofo $$$ B)

  • Old Compton Street here you come!

  • Emilson

    way too cool plus the iphone.hehehe

  • Richard Hart

    OSX is the one true way! Just accept Jobs are your saviour.