On-One Pompino

As I’m now trying to lose weight so needed to up my cardio. Rather then adding running to my daily routine, I just opted for cycling to and from work. I’ve always wanted an single-speed On-One Pompino and was stoked that I found one going for a great price down in Winchester. The only down fall being it needed a rear-wheel build and was a fixed-gear without a free-wheel sproket. So there’s no rear brake. If you want to stop, you stop with your legs. Going down hill? You can’t stop pedaling. I’ve nearly been launched off it a couple of times when I forgot this simple fact.

The bike is super light compared to my Rockhopper. It’s got a great feel to it and the geometry feels perfect for me. And it’s a super good workout. You’ve got to really pump your legs just going along and when your on an incline you can’t go down a gear. It’s my first time back in the saddle for quite a while so my butt is aching a bit, not to mention my body is fucking broken from BJJ last night.