Water? What water?

That will be my car sitting on the back of a flat bed, waiting to be taking all the way from central London to Silverstone. Whilst driving to work on Thursday the car started overheating quite badly. So badly, that I couldn’t limp it to work, I had to stop and call for a recovery truck. It took quite a while to get to the garage. I guess that I’m so used to zooming up there myself rather then sitting in a truck weighing a few tonnes. When we finally got there it only took a minute for the mechanic to spot a cracked water pipe down by the turbo casing. So there was no water in the rad at all! Seems that a dying turbo gasket is what caused the pipe to fail in the first place. I’m praying to God that I haven’t cooked my engine, but as I’ve dropped my car of with no prior warning it won’t get looked at for a few days still.

If, and that’s a big IF, I haven’t cooked my engine then it’s a relatively easy job. Change the gasket, new braided hoses, save the world. I’m thinking that if the manifold has to come off to replace the gaskets I should look into getting a shiny shiny free flow manifold. Tomei do an excellent one for £395 which is quite a lot when you can pick up cheaper copies for around £195. The only problem being you can end up spending more if the cheaper one cracks. Either way, if the engine is fine I’d like a new steering wheel on the damn thing and my Bee-R Limiter taken out. I’ve read that the limiter can snap the rocker arms :o

I was so impressed with the service that I got from the AA. I had been contemplating cancelling my membership but now I will definitely be keeping it long into the future. The person who took my details was very pleasant and it only took a few minutes to sort out the collection. I got a text 15 minutes before they were due to arrive so I didn’t have to stay by the car and the chap who took us all the way to Silverstone was very entertaining. So here’s to the AA!