Barbells and backpain.

I managed to get an excellent deal on a new barbell from EBay. £54 for a brand new 7″ olympic bar with proper locking collars and next day delivery (the delivery guy was out of breath when he arrived!). I’m really stoked with it. So now on the weekends I can practice my overhead squats and get a good Crossfit type workout going.

Sadly though I managed to put my back out during a set of deadlifts last week. I did 84kgs and felt great. 94kgs and felt great. Then on 104kgs I came a bit too far forward on my descent and upset my back big time. I had to hurry out of of the gym and home before I seized up completely. After some rest it wasn’t so bad, but on Sunday, after driving to Bluewater, I was in total agony. Each step hurt so much. Emma suggested putting on a heat patch, which we got from Boots and ever since my back has felt brilliant. It hasn’t felt better since I first hurt it over a month ago.

All about the overhead squat…