Mistakes and Mis-judgements

Oh well, shit happens. Confronted with another car in the already tight underground car park, I managed to avoid hitting the other car but managed to scrape my rear panel on one of the many concrete pillars. Of course me being me, rather then take a breath and back up, I powered through :D Thankfully after some t-cut, it’s not actually that bad. I’m still alive, the car still drives. It’s all good in the end. At the time I was extremely gutted, but buffing it out with t-cut proved very therapeutic. I don’t know why but I was more angry the day I first kerbed my wheels. I’m not going to waste my money getting it sorted. The £1k-£2k it would take to put right would be better off either going towards something else or getting the car to 450+ bhp. Sod having a “perfect” rear panel when I can have a proper mental car.

Pre T-Cut:

Post T-cut: