Quotes: Jason Ferrugia

“Working out is what the general public does to get in a little better shape. They go to the gym because they have to. They don’t have a passion for it, they don’t love it, and they don’t live for it.

These people go to the gym as a way to meet new friends or just to “stay in shape” and improve their health. To them, working out is a hobby or a necessary evil. But to those of us who are married to the iron for life and feel most at home pushing heavy weight in some hole in the wall hardcore gym, it’s our passion. The squat rack is our church, the dead lift platform our temple.

I’ve gone to battle with the iron and come out on the losing end many times. I’ve strained, pulled, and torn muscles and ligaments. I’ve screwed up my back and injured my knees. I’ve sweat, bled, and puked… all in the same workout. But as Clark Griswold said to his daughter when her eyes froze over while searching for the perfect Christmas tree, “It’s all part of the experience.”

I do it because I love it.” Jason Ferrugia (T-Nation)