A1GP at Brands Hatch

It was Sanj’s birthday last week so to celebrate a whole load of us went to watch the A1GP at Brands Hatch. I’ve never seen a proper motorsport event before and tbh I doubt I could have chosen a better day to change that fact. The great thing was it wasn’t just the A1GP cars racing on the day, they had the Britcars out for a proper race, Formula 3000, Formula Palmer, Ginettas, Heritage Cars and a couple more.

The A1GP cars sounded absolutely amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it in my life. The pops and crackles on the over run and the enormous roar as they pass by at full throttle. We managed to walk around nearly 3/4ths of the track so we got to experience the race from different view points which was a great plus. I especially enjoyed watching the Britcars race. They had a couple of Ferrari’s, an Exige, an RX7, some other marques and loads of Porsches running. There was an old Porsche 939 that managed to come first after starting in 17th!

You can see all my photos here: A1GP Gallery Link