Fast Food Nation

I’ve been feeling pretty rough these past few days. A few people have been off work sick and I guess I’ve just caught it. So I took some R&R time from work in the evenings and watched “Fast Food Nation”. I suppose it’s nothing I didn’t already know deep down but the film pretty much kicks it all into the open. The exploited immigrant workers, the frustrated communities, the evil corporations and the disgusting food manufacturing process. I haven’t eaten fast food in a long long time so thankfully it didn’t turn my stomach as it probably would for those who do, but it’s still pretty gruesome. The final five minutes are especially horrifying when you get a real look at the process of a slaughterhouse.

It was an alright film but it’s one of the few that makes you feel empty inside. Not as in un-fulfilled empty, but that there’s nothing you can do to make this a better situation. I think only this film and “Elephant” have ever left me feeling this way. The final moments are wonderful and horrifying in a way. Thank God I already don’t eat Beef as if I did this film would be enough to put me off for good!