• yari123

    lol last time i saw a legit dvd was a defunct disney movie that came in my cereal when i was in elementary school, even at this time i remember divx was gaining quite a momentum.

    see these stupid entertainment companies need to realize that copyright law has now become obsolete due to the imperial poweress of the internet.

    They need to get on with the program. this is a new generation.

  • People who believe in copyright do not appreciate the power of Internet and the art of sharing.

    After all “sharing is caring”…

  • yari123

    “sharing is caring.” make a big banner and drill it into their heads. hahaha.

  • tom

    too fucking true!! i hate that annoying infomercial!!!

    they might as well say be saying “fuck you, you criminal scum” – those bastards…

    Also, they spend 5 minutes talking about “stealing” – when everyone knows watching pirate dvds is copyright infringement and not theft! those fools…

  • yari123

    yes just download dvdrips off torrent. You just feel less of a dirty thief.