For Emma’s birthday I got her tickets to go and see Wicked playing at the Apollo Theater in Victoria. We had pretty good stall seats, pretty much in the middle and I had an aisle seat so I could at stretch a leg out at least.

The story is a prelude to the classic Wizard of Oz and tells the story of university room mates Elphaba Thropp, the future “wicked witch”, and Galinda Upland, the future “good witch”. Even though they are complete opposites as they become best friends with each other the story shows how they each have a positive effect on one another.

Everything about the production was top notch. The set design was amazing, the costumes were beautiful and the music was excellent. I loved some of the songs (I’m listening to them right now infact!). I highly recommend it. Be warned though, it will change your view of the Wizard of Oz forever!