Top Man, Top Dog, Top Boss, Top Arse? Top Riches!

I bought this on a whim as Foyles didn’t seem to have any of the books I was really after. Besides who wouldn’t be interested in the story of the UK’s second richest person. It’s certainly been a up and down ride for old Philip Green, but if there’s two things you can’t deny about the man it’s that he doesn’t give up and that he’s the boss.

Sometimes I think it’s easy to look at these really successful people and think that they all got lucky or that after one of two of our own failures us mere mortals don’t stand a chance of reaching the top like these people, but Philip Green is the perfect example of someone who made it after a string of failures. For years and years he tried his hand at constantly starting new businesses. He’s a risk taker and sometimes those risks haven’t paid off but the ones that have, have paid off extremely well for him.

One thing that is apparent though is that he is a total arsehole to the people around him and especially those that cross him. If he took the arsehole test I posted a few days ago no doubt the system would explode! But to the man’s testament he’s being himself and makes no apologies for it and it’s probably that attitude that got him to where he is today. As someone was quoted as saying “You don’t get to where he is without being a bastard”.