My Indexcards from Hawk arrived today. I’m really happy that I finally got my hands on these. I’ve got a card dock, 500 5″x3″ squared indexcards, 25 dividers, five field notebooks and a pen and pencil. I must have emailed the Correct company five times at least trying to get information on shipping for these to the UK but I never got a reply. The cards are far superior to the plain ones I’ve been using up until now. It’s amazing that you can’t get squared cards here in the UK, or anywhere outside of Japan it would seem.

Hawk’s system is a really well thought out. It is based around four separate types of card: Record, Discovery, GTD (Getting things done), and Reference. I’m still trying to get to grips with keeping a handle on things I need to do. I still find myself falling into the habit or remembering something I need to do, reminding myself to make a note of it and then forgetting to. It’s obviously important to note stuff down the moment you think of it. I will write some more once I’ve used the system more.