Gym reaper

I made the really really really bad mistake of thinking I was well enough to go to the gym this morning. I mulled it over while standing at the door ready to leave but decided that if I was sick I could just stop.

I started off on the rowing machine and felt pretty much fine, so I carried on for about 15 minutes before moving onto another machine. Thats when I suddenly started feeling really really sick. I just couldn’t focus on anything and the whole room was spinning so fast. The gym wasn’t that full so I plonked myself on one of the machines and just sat there waiting for the dizziness to pass, but after about a minute I started feeling nauseous. I made my way back to the changing room and I honestly thought I was either going to pass out or puke in the middle of the hall.

It took a good 15 minutes of sitting with my head in my hands before I started feeling well enough to have a shower and make my way to work. I wish I had just stayed in bed this morning. I think I’ll pass on the gym for a few more days yet.

The moral of this story is if you have to think about whether your well enough to go to the gym then you probably aren’t. Getting better is every much a part of living a healthy lifestyle as is going to the gym. So don’t risk putting your training even further back by jumping the “feeling better” gun.

  • Ian Chode

    I used to like sitting in the steam room at the gym. That was my favourite!

    I quite liked the rowing machines as well, although at Oxford we used to call them ergs, which is obviously much cooler!

  • yari123

    man, i know what you mean. NEVER WORKOUT if you have the slightest doubts about your condition that day.

    Make sure you are eating right. Before I just work out on an empty stomach, I almost passed out because right after I got up from bench press, I felt like all the blood in my brain was being sucked dry.