I just watched some of the footage of Saddam’s execution and just can’t believe the amount of composure he had as they put the noose around his neck. No begging for forgiveness, no pleading for mercy, just the acceptance of his fate.

  • Ian Chode

    I particularly enjoyed the mobile phone video footage of him being strung up on YouTube. The way he attempts to do his prayer and then just drops out of view with a loud bang!

  • yari123

    Unlike the american media’s portrayal of Saddam as a tyrant and a coward, he does have some sharp qualities that you would often find in a ruthless leader . For example, when he was a young boy he planned to assasinate a general that tortured his villageman. That takes guts.

    Even though he invaded Kuwait, and Iran(which was backed by dubya’s daddy), and killed all those people, I do not think it was fair for the american government to take another country’s leader and publicily humiliate him and their countryman.