I hadn’t seen this until now, but Newsmap is is a brilliant way to see what the current news trend is. I often feel like I don’t give the news enough time. At least something like this gives me a great way of keeping a general bird’s eye view on with what’s happening. Only downfall is it runs like a dog on my machine. I have a feeling it’s time for a new PC :S

  • Ian Chode

    I’m not convinced. On first viewing, it’s just really nasty. I find it hard to focus on anything.

    I’m all for trying to find better interfaces, but I don’t think this one really worked. I can’t see how you’ll get better than a straightforward list, just sorted in some way.

    Mind you, give me some time and I’ll think of something!

    In fact, if I had time to scratch my arse I’d sit and write a decent news viewing app. I could make millions. Millions, do you hear?!?!

  • yari123