Christmas karting

This year we went karting for our Christmas do. I’ve never been before but that didn’t stop me mouthing off in the weeks running up to the event that I was going to claim victory! I was pretty exhausted come the day though as I was so tired from the drive down from Scotland the day before and was still feeling pretty worse for wear from my cold, but that didn’t stop me putting up a good fight. The format was a quick 15 minute qualifying session, followed by two 20 minute races. During the races I felt at a real weight disadvantage as I was struggling to keep up with the front runners. The only way I could gain ground was in the corners. In the end I came third out of 18, after my boss who’d been plenty of times before and Colin who used to have his own cart. So for a first timer I’m pretty chuffed I managed to get into the top three. I’m especially proud of my trophy. Being bronze means I look like I’ve been Han Soloed!

The karting bug has already bitten the office. I think we’re going to try and go again in Feb! I can’t wait!