Scotland is far away.

Emma and I went up to Scotland for the weekend and even though I was ill with a cold I managed to do the long drive there and back. We rented a beautiful cottage about an hour out of Edinburgh for a few nights. The scenery was really great and the weather was good, although pretty cold, so much so that the roads were frosted over in the evenings and mornings.

Went drove into Edinburgh on Sunday and went down into Mary King’s Close which is basically a preserved section of the old Edinburgh beneath the main streets and buildings that are there today. It was amazing to see how people lived only a few centuries ago and it made me glad that I didn’t have to live back then. Maybe a few centuries from now people will think the same about how I live today!

As we were coming back down on the Monday we didn’t have time to do much but we managed to take a look at the harbour in St Abbs and go on to Roslyn Chapel where Darren Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code ends. I had only seen the film and the building wasn’t what I expected at all. For a start it was a lot smaller and a lot more bare. As far as chapels go though it was very nice. The stone work was pretty impressive too.

All the trip photos are here.