facultyoftrading is finally back up

Recently our facultyoftrading.com domain has been down which is obviously something you don’t want to happen when you’re trying to run an on-line business. NetBenefit managed to completely balls up the process of transferring our domain over to 123reg. Initially all we wanted to do was change the WHO-IS information on the domain but NetBenefit wanted £50 just for the privilege and considering this might not be the only change we need to make in the near future it made no sense to keep our domain under their control, especially when 123reg don’t charge anything to do the same thing.

We placed our request with NetBenefit to transfer the domain, but rather then keeping our domain’s DNS active until after the switch they simply turned off our domain. The joyous thing was they turned it off on a Friday afternoon and by the time we realised the site was down their technical support was already closed for the weekend. The big pain though was as the DNS was down we couldn’t receive any emails and because our domain contact was set to an email address on the domain we couldn’t receive the authorisation email from 123reg! I just don’t see how you can run an ISP and not have 24/7 technical support or at least have some form of support system where you can track your support queries progress. I can understand a site’s support not being constantly available, but for a company that provides the underlying infrastructure to not be is just ridiculous.

To cut a long story short, it’s two weeks later and facultyoftrading.com is hosted on 123reg and fully operational again.