Getting things done

One of my major downfalls is just getting things done. I end up procrastinating and getting distracted far too much. A consequence of this is that a lot of important things don’t get done until the last moment. To combat this I recently started reading David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and it’s lead me to take a more pro-active approach towards organising my daily activities.

A lot of GTD followers employ the power of the HipsterPDA which is basically a collection of cards used to organise yourself. I’ve always tried to get my shit in order using my PDA but always fail to really capture the essence of the things that need to get done. Now using this simple pen and paper system I’m finding I’m noting ideas and actions I need to do a lot more. It’s taking some getting used to, but generally I’m loving it.

Inspired by Hawk Sugano, I’m using a Moleskine squared notebook to capture long thoughts and notes which I then extract into separate index cards which I keep organised in a Moleskine Memo Pockets notebook.

Squared Notebook + Memo Pockets

Opened Memo Pockets