Get rich or die trying

Of all the books on being successful or becoming rich, “How To Get Rich” by Felix Dennis has been the most informative, insightful, enjoyable and funniest book on the subject.

While it covers all the same basic themes in famous books such as “Think & Grow Rich” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “How to Get Rich” is the only one that is honest about the hardships of being rich and whether it’s really worth it for all the sacrifices you will have to make if you’re ever to fufill your dreams. While other books always suggest that anyone can achieve the goal of being rich, Dennis makes it clear that it’s not for everyone and even for those who feel that it might be, it’s not always achievable.

A lot of the book is Dennis blowing his own trumpet, but quite rightly so as he’s built up a extremely successful empire and a considerable pile of wealth. He has some really great stories to tell, which makes the book even more better the all the standard “getting rich” books.

If you enjoy working, enjoy working hard and want to achieve the goal of being rich, then go out now (If the shops are shut then go out tomorrow) and buy this book.