Pizza Express & Borat

Saturday was pretty eventful. We (Me, Emma, Sam, Laura, Luke, Nelson & Patrick) all met up for dinner at Pizza Express Olympia before the film. Sam had been told that they didn’t take reservations but we were told that wasn’t true when we got there and had a 15 minute wait for a table to come up. When one finally did there was enough cutlery for three of us nicely dumped in a pile at one end of the table. Then we met our waiter. What a complete dick. I don’t know what his problem was but customer service was definately not his strong point.

After ordering we were waiting ages for it too arrive and with the film start time growing ever closer we started getting anxious as to whether we would actually recieve it or not. Laura complained and the waiter got all shirty about it, so we just left. On our way out Sam was called a “Fucking Cunt” which is probably not an inaccurate description tbh. We were all pretty amazed afterwards at the waiters behaviour.

The next day Laura and Emma complained. As Laura went down there in person she got a free bottle of wine. If they offer a free meal, I’ll be damned if you’ll catch me back there. The manager said he has a bit of a reputation for this type of thing. I wonder if he’ll lose his job or not.

I suppose I should write something about Borat. Although the only thing I can think of saying about it is it’s *beeping* funny. The film is just so wrong in so many ways.