Radeon X300 Dual Monitors

Ever since the round of redundancies and quittings at work there have been quite a few spare monitors floating around which seemed like such a waste. I had a dig round the inside of my Dell computer and found it had a PCI-Express slot but only accepted half height cards. A little bit of googling came up with the Radeon X300 which had dual VGA output (Our place is too cheap to buy proper DVI monitors for us) and I managed to pick one up off EBay for ¬£22 which seemed like a bargain! The bracket was for a full height tower so I had to remove it, but after that the card went in like a glove. I’ve never used a dual screen setup, but I can see why people rave on about it so much. It makes tasks which would normally require swtiching back-and-forth between windows and absolute dodle! Small annoying tasks can be completed in a fraction of the time with a dual setup.

Dual Monitors at work FTW!