Canon Wordtank G55

My biggest hurdle in Japanese has always been Kanji. It’s not that I’m bad, I just totally suck at it. I get really frustrated trying to look up kanji that 99% of the time I give up. So to the rescue comes my new Canon Wordtank G55. I had considered getting the V80 which allowed you draw kanji directly onto the screen, but as it was more a Chinese/Japanese dictionary, the Japanese-English was apprantly lacking. After a night of playing with the G55 I’ve found that finding Kanji without the use of a stylus to be actually quite easy! It’s a shame that it doesn’t come with an English manual as the English guide is seriously lacking in detail. It took me ages to work out how to jump straight to the English definition of a word or kanji. Perhaps I’ll write up a full review and some tips/tricks after I’ve spent some more time with it!

I’ll leave you with some powerful Genghis Khan quotes…

“I am the punishment of God. If you had not commited great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

“It is not sufficient that I succeed–all others must fail.”

Wordtank FTW!