You ain’t got nothing on me cops!

I got pulled over for the first time last night at about 12:30am in Roehampton. I was stopped at some lights and in my rear view mirror I saw flashing lights coming up quick in the distance. I thought they were going past so I indicated and moved over to the left, but sadly they pulled up behind me. I knew that I wanted to get out and talk to the officer eye-to-eye, so I jumped out the car.”Is there any reason you took off with speed from the lights further back?”. As he hadn’t asked me how fast I was going I assumed he didn’t know and replied in the politest tone while rolling my eyes “Ahhh, I always get that from people, because my car is soooo loud people always think I’m going faster then I really am!”

That seemed good enough for them. His partner joined us and we had a nice chat for about 10 minutes about my car, while they took my details down. He told me he had a ’79 Mustang Cobra or something like that. My car was showing up as not having any insurance so I’ve got to produce them sometime over the next week. Overall they were really nice and made for nice experience!