Tein Super Driftooooo

I got my car back after it being away at the garage for two weeks. Turned out the loud knocking was coming from worn top mounts on my HKS Hipermax II coilovers. No big deal, I’ll order some new mounts which sohuldn’t be a problem until HKS Europe and Japan tell you the top mounts are now discontinued. The toss up for replacements were between Tein Flex and Super Drift (Previously known as HEs). Sumo Power said I’d find the Flex was too soft coming from the Hipermax, so I opted for the Super Drifts. Even though the spring rates are a lot harder (10/8kg) compared to (8/6kg) on the HKS’, the dampening is in another league so bumps and holes no longer feel harsh but well masked.

The car also had some sub-frame colars fitted while it was in, so now the car just corners and corners and corners. I’m getting some understeer now, but I’m hoping I can get that dialed out when the alignment is re-done. I may try making the rear a littler harder for the time being to see if that helps.